Import from Steam

Here's how to transfer your accounts from Steam mobile app to Authenticator Pro

Authenticator Pro can generate the 5 character codes used by Steam. However, it does not support confirming trades.

Option 1 (advanced)

Set up an account using steamguard-cli and export to a QR code.

Importing 2FA Secret Into Other Applications

Option 2 (Windows only)

The procedure is as follows:

  • Set up a new authenticator using Steam Desktop Authenticator (SDA). This will handle the conversion of the Steam protocol to a standard otpauth:// URI. Do not enable encryption just yet.
  • Once up and running, in the directory where you are running SDA, you will find a maFiles directory. This contains your account secrets.
  • Open the file for your account called {STEAM_ID}.maFile, where STEAM_ID is the unique identifier for your Steam account, using a text editor. If you are setting this up for the first time, there should only be one file.
  • Find the uri json property it will have a URI in this format otpauth://totp/Steam:username?secret=MYSECREYKEY&issuer=Steam.
  • Create a QR code using this string with the QR code generator, or enter the secret part of the URI in Authenticator Pro using the Steam type.
  • (Optional) Enable encryption in SDA. You should keep using SDA because it's the only way for you to accept trades.