Import from Authy

Here's how to transfer your accounts from Authy to Authenticator Pro

Authenticator Pro can generate the 7-digit codes used by Authy. Unfortunately, there is no way to export the secrets directly from the Authy app, as it's locked down and proprietary.

Option 1

Disable 2FA on your accounts and import them one by one into Authenticator Pro. Authy does not let you access your 2FA secrets. This will take some time, but unlike Authy, Authenticator Pro gives you control over your data and allows exporting to interopible formats.

Option 2 (advanced)

The procedure is as follows:

  • Use the authy-export tool found here : to generate an otpauth URI list file
  • Import the file in Authenticator Pro using the URI list import option
  • Alternatively, create a QR code using for each otpauth URI using the QR code generator

If you use proprietary 7-digit codes for sites such as Twitch, you are not able to delete your Authy account as this invalidates the secrets. Regular 6 digit TOTP codes are not affected.

Option 3 (advanced)

GitHub gist on how to export secrets to otpauth URIs or Bitwarden backup format:

Generating Authy passwords on other authenticators