Import from Blizzard Authenticator

Here's how to transfer your accounts from Blizzard Authenticator to Authenticator Pro

Authenticator Pro supports 8 digit codes and as such Blizzard Authenticator accounts are supported. However, Blizzard uses a proprietary algorithm for their account setup, so the accounts must be converted to standard TOTP.

Option 1 (advanced)

This guide expects that you are familiar with the Python pip package system

The procedure is as follows:

[OBSOLETE] Option 2 (Windows only)

  1. Download the latest WinAuth version ("") from and extract its contents.

  2. Double-click on the "WinAuth.exe" file to run it.

  3. Click on "Add" → "Battle.Net" → "Create Authenticator". This will generate a serial number and an authenticator (a.k.a. Login) code. You'll need those for step #6. Check the "Allow copy?" check box so you'll be able to copy those 2 codes to the clipboard.

  4. Go to and log in to your account.

  5. Go to "Account Settings" → "Security" and then click on "SET UP AN AUTHENTICATOR" → "Set up a mobile authenticator".

  6. Enter the verification code sent to your Email/SMS to get through the security check.

  7. Enter the serial number and authenticator code from step # 2 into the "ENTER AUTHENTICATOR INFORMATION" window and then click on "Add Authenticator" → "Back to security".

  8. In the "WinAuth" window, click on "OK" → "Cancel" → "Cogwheel" → "Export..." → "Browse..." (DO NOT CHECK ANY OF THE 2 "Protect" CHECK BOXES!) → "Save" → "OK".

  9. Open the "winauth-[current year]-[current month]-[current day].txt" file you just created and copy its content (a single line of text) to the clipboard.

  10. Go to the QR code generator and paste the line of text you just copied in step #9 where it says "Enter your website, text or drop a file here". A QR code will be generated automatically.

  11. Scan the QR code with the "Authenticator Pro" app and you're good to go!

  12. Optional: In Authenticator Pro, change the issuer name to "Blizzard", the username to your username, and assign the "blizzard" icon manually.

  13. Optional: Delete winauth.xml from %appdata%\WinAuth if you don't plan on keeping WinAuth on your computer.